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Jimmy Eat World to rock Coca Cola stage at the Calgary Stampede

For any band, getting the right setlist and putting on the best show possible can be a challenge.

So what does a band like Jimmy Eat World do, as they celebrate their 30th anniversary of being formed in 1993, during their world tour?

“When we play live, it’s a good opportunity for us to try to give the fans what they want, and put together a setlist that really spans the catalog,” said Zach Lind, drummer and co-founder of Jimmy Eat World.

The superstars of rock are making a stop at the Calgary Stampede, closing out the iconic Coca-Cola Stage on July 12 with a 10 p.m. performance.

“We’re trying to add some songs that we don’t normally play, and we’re trying to have a mix of a mix of songs from older records and newer stuff,” said Lind.

“It’s difficult because you have so many songs in the little time. We’re feeling good about where we’re at right now with the song list.”

As for any hints of what that might be, he said that the focus will be on creating dynamic moments from throughout the band’s career. Fans will just have to show up for themselves on Wednesday night.

Three decades on, Lind said he’s still trying to get better as a performer night after night, even on long tours.

“The quest to continue to get better as a performer, as a drummer, is the thing that always is interesting. For me, it’s never really boring to play the same songs. I’m more focused on how can I play the song better than I played it last night or the night before,” he said.

“For me, that process of, you know, achieving a more refined, a more impactful performance is something that always makes it interesting.”

Currently, the band is touring with Manchester Orchestra and just released a cover of that band’s song Telepath on June 8. Aussie indie rockers The Middle Kids are also supporting that tour.

“They’re incredible, too. We’ve never been more excited about a lineup and tours than we are for this one.”

The Coca-Cola Stage is free with admission to the Calgary Stampede.

For more details on the Amplified Echoes Tour, and for the latest singles from the band, see www.jimmyeatworld.com.

Glad to be back in Calgary

Lind, speaking on behalf of the band, said they were happy to be returning to Calgary. It’s the band’s first return since 2017 after their 2020 date at The Palace was cancelled due to the pandemic.

“It’s obviously fun for us. I mean, it’s cool to be a part of something as iconic as the Stampede,” he said.

“We’ve been to Calgary a bunch of times before, and I’ve always enjoyed our time there and looking forward to being there during the crazy festive time.”

He said that one of the great things about touring was being able to travel back to cities and really get to know them over time.

But, said Lind, that familiarity had yet to extend itself to the Calgary Stampede Rodeo—or rodeos in general.

“I would love to watch that. I’ve never really been to like a rodeo in my life,” he said.

“There’s a big rodeo here [in Phoenix]. And there’s a place called Prescott that’s about an hour and a half north of Phoenix and they just had a big rodeo. But I’ve never been to a rodeo.

“I would love to watch that wherever it is. Barrel racing or bull riding, that stuff looks really cool to me.”

A fan of sports himself, especially the Arizona Cardinals (Lind is the son of a baseball coach and has been interviewed for MLB.com), he praised the athletes competing at the Stampede.

“I think those people who participate in those rodeo events are badass athletes. Because I think you have to be in order to do all that stuff,” he said.