Are you looking to reach a different audience in Calgary and area?

Are you getting value for your current advertising?

Are your advertising dollars supporting local companies?

LiveWire Calgary

We’re growing an audience that’s connected to its community and the people and businesses in their area. We’re tapping into a vast audience that feels underserved by traditional media outlets and their news coverage.

That’s an audience you can reach with us.

Overview: We reach 20,000 Calgarians each month and generate nearly 30,000 page views (April 2019). Our audience is 50/50 split male and female, with 70 per cent of our readers under the age of 40 (Google Analytics).


We know it’s tough out there. As a business, you’ve got to get the word out. We believe we have low-cost, high ROI products that will help you continue building your revenue, even through a lagging economy.

Partner Content

Partner Content allows Calgary businesses to focus on a particular message, either written or video, and have it run prominently on our website for a limited time.  It’s an exciting and cost-effective way for businesses of all sizes to generate a buzz about their product or service.

Our Partner Content value

  • You have highly-talented writers helping craft your message
  • Professional photography is available (in the package cost)
  • High visibility on the LiveWire Calgary website
  • Put out on social media channel (Twitter) once per week, and our following continues to growing each day
  • YOU own the content. You can repurpose it, share it on your own social media channels, brand with it. Once we produce it, it’s yours.
  • Our audience is invested in us and therefore they’re invested in anyone that supports us.
  • It’s affordable for small businesses (and a steal for bigger ones!)

Podcast sponsorship

As of April 2019, we have two primary podcasts available for sponsor.

  • Common Ground YYC – In depth conversations with Calgary newsmakers, with host Josh White. (Runs every two weeks)
  • LiveWired in Calgary – Monthly news program done in partnership with CJSW 90.9 FM in Calgary. (Ads on LiveWire web version only.)

Sponsorship gives our partners spoken ad spots and the beginning and the end of the podcast. There are two spots for sponsorship in each podcast. Discounts are available for long term sponsorship.

Both shows have built dedicated audiences over the past year and are a great way to target special events or sales.

Website advertising

We have four primary web advertising spots on each of our pages. With nearly 30,000 views each month, we’re creating at least 120,000 impressions.

Right now, our Google Adsense CTR is hovering at 1 per cent – well above the industry average and it speaks to how engaged our audience is.

The cost for native web advertising on our site is $7 CPM

We can also create ad spaces that work for your organization. We do believe in a strong call to action in all display ads in order to maximize attention, exposure and eventual clickthrough.

Your participation is encouraged!

Please contact us for more information on how you can be involved as one of our advertising partners.

We’d also like you to share with us what kind of products you’re looking for that would help you get the word out. Together, we can create the kind of advertising vehicle that best suits your needs.

We’re trying to shine the light on Calgary and support and promote those businesses that have an amazing story to tell.

And, if there’s something you want to experiment with on our site – let us know! We’re innovators and we want to work with companies willing to innovate, too.