Advertise with us

You’re trying to get the word out about your awesome local small- and medium-sized Calgary business on a tight budget. We get it. We’re in the same boat.

That’s why we’re offering a handful of simple, low-cost options for local advertisers. All with updated 2022 / 2023 pricing. If you have questions, email

Why advertise with us? We’re 100% local. Nearly every penny stays local, and the bulk of it goes to better journalism! Our commitment to exceptional journalism means we have the ear of the top decision makers in Calgary, and readers who are passionately committed to a prosperous and forward-thinking Calgary.

No sales person

We don’t have the capacity right now to hire a salesperson. We’re also pretty strapped ourselves producing great journalism content. What that means is, if you’re your own salesperson and you reach out directly to us, we’ll give you 10% right off the top of your ad purchase. And we’ll do it every time you reach out to us.

It’s like the ad sale that never ends.

Here’s what we have to offer ⬇️

Display ads

TOP RIGHT: This is a premium spot that sees 50,000 to 60,000 impressions per month. It appears on our home page and on story pages.

Cost: $350 per month – flat rate (Camera-ready ad – specs 300×260 pixels, 300 dpi)

MIDDLE RIGHT: This is our second premium position on the right hand side of the page, below the fold. It sees about 40,000 impressions per month. It appears on both the home page and the story pages.

Cost: $250 per month – flat rate (Camera-ready ad – specs: 300×260, 300 dpi)

BOTTOM BAR: This is our ad position at the bottom of the page, right underneath the story. Roughly 30,000 impressions per month. (Camera-ready ad, specs: 728×90, 300dpi) $150 per month.

If you need graphic design support, please add $75 to the first month’s cost.

Referral program

We want to entice you to tell others about our advertising options! So, if each time you refer a customer to us who purchases an ad program, you’ll get 25% of THAT value in credit towards a separate future ad purchase. So, refer away!

(Note: C’mon, you can’t put four referrals together for 100% off… tsk, tsk.)

Podcast mention

Do you want to sponsor our Ward Zero podcast?

If you want two sponsor mentions and then a 15 to 30 second in-podcast pitch, this is a great option for you.

Cost: $100 per podcast episode.


We’ve got a new this at a rock bottom price: $15 per day (full page, camera ready). Less if you want to go for a full month. You’ll have to jump in early on this deal, because once our readership rises, so will the price for a daily ad.

Grab a full ad If you want, smartphone dimensions. Piggyback with an online ad buy. Learn more in the video below.

Let’s work together to rebuild Calgary’s economy

It’s a win-win: We help you, you help us. Trust us, we’re partners that do everything we can to support those who support us. And then some.

If you have more questions, contact