Is your business looking for a conduit to reach Calgary communities?

Our focus is on community-first storytelling and our audience for this unique, Calgary-grown brand of local news is expanding each month. We’re now reaching more than 25,000 Calgarians monthly, with more than 33,000 page views (September 30, 2019).

Along with our substantial growth, we’ve had to open up new avenues for our advertising partners to grow and build with us. That’s been an exciting process!

Our advertising options

Partner Content

This is our top option – mainly because it melds well with the storytelling aspect we believe in. If your company has a great story they can tell about a product, service, company history (or more), this is a great opportunity to get that story out to our engaged audience.

Here’s where you can find more guidelines on Partner Content.

Best for: Businesses of all shapes and sizes. Story is key to resonate with our audience.

Works best with: Strong call to action: Coupon, discount, or filling an important niche in our community.

Website display advertising

We offer standard website display advertising on our pages and embedded in our stories. This is a great way to get a critical mass of eyeballs on your particular ad.

Current #of impressions: 130,000 monthly
Cumulative CTR (18 months): .51% (predominantly Google AdSense)
Our current price: $7 CPM (Cost per thousand impressions)
Standard ad size: 724 x 90
Four options: Top of page, right sidebar, in-story, long read

Best for: Local campaigns with strong call-to-action. Campaigns looking for critical mass exposure. Campaigns that require awareness as much as CTR.

Ask about our pop up display ad option – tailored to specific articles / content

Podcast sponsorship

We have two primary monthly podcasts in production at this time. (We are adding another, expected for release in November 2019.) Each podcast episode can accommodate two sponsors.

Our podcast sponsorship package includes:

Promo during the introduction (Mention)
In-podcast promo (part of the show – 10 to 15 seconds)
Promo at the end of the show (Mention)

Cost: $100 per sponsored episode (reduced rate for full season sponsorship.)

Best for: Campaigns geared toward reaching a captive audience. Ad campaigns focused on building relationship and brand awareness.

Newsletter display ads

This is the newest addition to our suite of advertising options. This is a simple display ad with a strong call to action delivered directly to our weekly newsletter subscribers each Saturday.

Audience: 143 subscribers (grows by roughly 5 monthly, plus all Patreon pledges are automatically subscribed.)

Cost: $50 weekly (maximum two per week).

Best for: Time sensitive calls to action – Weekend specials, driving traffic to events, flash sales, etc.

More information, innovation

We’re innovators at heart. We want to disrupt the big media machines and we’d love to have more committed business partners to help us do it.

If there’s something we’re not offering, please let us know. We’ll find a way to make it happen, so you can tap into our growing audience.

If there’s specific information you need on our audience, let us know – we’ll do the best we can to arm you with the details you need to make the right buying decision with the best return on investment.