It’s time to contribute to better Calgary local news

How often have you heard, seen, or even said, “Gosh, I wish local media would cover this story.” Or, asking why they aren’t digging deeper into an issue. The answer is quite often very simple: People power.

At LiveWire Calgary, we believe one of the best investments citizens can make to ensure a better city is to fund local journalism. It keeps the government in check, it provides a platform for the community and it gives a voice to tens of thousands who often go unheard.

That’s why we need your participation. Our work doesn’t get done without folks like yourself driving it.

You’re here for a reason. You believe in better local media. Now it’s a matter of following through on your desire for stronger local news coverage. We’re in a position to deliver it. It’s a small contribution with a huge impact on our community.

No paywall

At LiveWire Calgary, we firmly believe in access to information. Accessibility is critical. Money shouldn’t be a barrier to Calgarians being informed with our fact-based, agenda-free, community-focused local news.

We rely on people just like you to make a single, small contribution (monthly if you want!) to ensure we can survive. If you’re impressed with what we’re able to do now, with a single employee working on a threadbare budget with a group of passionate freelancers… imagine what we could do with your help.

Those who choose to support us monthly get access to exclusive bonus content in addition to our regular news coverage. That’s all handled through our Patreon platform.

If everyone that viewed a story in July 2022 (71,000 visitors, with 107,000 views) contributed $1, just once, we’d have enough funds to sustain our current operation for one year.

If those same visitors contributed just $1 per month we could:

  • Fund 5 full-time daily news journalists
  • Fund a deep investigation team with two journalists (with research budget)
  • Fund 1 full-time photographer
  • Fund a dedicated online / social media editor
  • Fund an additional assignment / content editor (fact check, work with writers)
  • Continue to fund ongoing freelance content
  • Fund a small, centrally-located, public-facing street location where journalists come together

… and we’d still have money left over for special projects or community endeavours.

It’s a conversation we’re hoping to have with Calgarians. It doesn’t take much to fund a robust local news team.

If you’re having trouble finding news that reflects your neighbourhood or your community, we understand.

That’s why we exist. We’re here to fill that growing void. To do it, we need members just like you.

Since we launched in June 2018:

  • We’ve published more than 3,875 stories.
  • We had more than 2.2 million views.
  • We’ve touched on more than 99 Calgary communities.
  • We’ve enlisted (and paid) the skills of more than 30 local freelance writers.
  • We’ve worked with (and paid) 8 freelance photographers
  • We’ve published multiple community contributors

The reality is, we’re still a startup. While we’re building a viable and sustainable foundation we need your membership support.

Our single payment option is above. Consider supporting us monthly. Tell your friends and family to join in, too!

Building a new media model

Many of you are familiar with our Patreon crowdfunding portal. It’s a place where you sign up as a member to support our community news efforts with a monthly contribution. The difference between the two options, aside from being monthly, are perks. We won’t hide that.

Those who do sign up for the bonus content can find it all through Patreon. It’s a separate location only accessible with a monthly membership.

Many people asked for a single pay membership option. We listened. We chose PayPal because it’s effective, well-known and trusted. Many of you already use it for your secure online transactions.

Your new membership: Thank you!

The same rules apply here as they do on Patreon. Any membership contribution made will go straight to journalism. It won’t go to operations. That means any contribution you make has a DIRECT impact on the number of stories we can tell.

PLEASE NOTE: We are not a charity, nor are we a non-profit organization or society. Tax receipts will not be issued.

As always – your feedback on this new single pay membership system is welcome! Hit up our editor, Darren Krause with questions.