Our mission

“Our mission is to deliver desired, relevant information about Calgarians and the communities, city and province they live in, while demonstrating a commitment to high journalistic principles and balanced storytelling.” 

More simply put, we’re telling stories Calgary cares about. No, the ones they REALLY care about. And we’re going to do it in a way that’s fair and agenda-free.

Media is in a perilous time with an increase in agenda-driven, narrowly told stories that don’t accurately reflect the communities they serve. We just don’t understand what’s happened to objective journalism.

LiveWire Calgary is committed to being the divergent, disruptive media that challenges the current media mindset.

We’re going to engage, enlighten, entertain and endear ourselves to Calgarians and become the primary online source for their daily community news.

With your ongoing support and participation we’ll be able to deliver the content you want and need in order to keep you informed about Calgary and Alberta.

Join us in making sure all of Calgary’s stories are told and that they reflect the mosaic of citizens that call this wonderful city home.

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