Perspectives – Submission Guidelines

Rants are not welcome.

How’s that for an opening?

The LWC Perspectives page is a place for well thought out, informed perspectives on important issues, events and stories facing Calgary and Calgarians. It’s a spin on your traditional op-ed page, except we’re trying to avoid opinion taking over at the expense of facts and nuance. We believe that’s an important distinction.

It’s a void we hope to fill.

We’ve started with a carefully curated selection of pieces and we have more coming. Now, we want to open it up to the many thoughtful Calgarians, civic organizations, non-profits and more to provide their perspective on a hot-button topic.

We’re dipping into this with eyes wide open on providing a platform for the exchange of ideas. Fostering positive discussions and sometimes difficult ones is how cities and citizens grow and learn from one another. We embrace the different perspectives brought to many issues so we can understand where we are all aligned and how to move forward together.

Submission guidelines

First and foremost, we require a strong perspective backed up in fact, research, lived experience, and not lacking critical information important for readers to inform their own perspectives. (Put less formally – don’t leave out details to bend a narrative in your favour.)

  • 1000 words is ideal, but we’re open to longer (or shorter) pieces that provide a depth and context you can’t find elsewhere.
  • Must be submitted with a bio of the writer.
  • All submissions are subject to editing / revision, or rejection by LiveWire Calgary.
  • If there are accompanying photos, you can send them along (horizontal photos).
  • Send submissions with the subject line “Perspectives submission” to
  • These pieces are unpaid submissions to LiveWire Calgary.
  • Once they are published, they remain a part of the LiveWire Calgary public archive in perpetuity.

Thanks in advance for your participation in driving a place where ideas are shared and heard!

Darren Krause – Editor, LiveWire Calgary