Our primary directive is to tell Calgary stories.

That said, the fundamental concern in journalism today is the ability to fund a media enterprise with the adequate resources to tell stories. We want to be transparent about how we’re funding our operation, so we’ll share it with you here.

First off, we will have a Patreon campaign. We need your support to make this happen.

We pledge that the funds generated from the Patreon, up to $2,500 per month, will be used directly on journalism endeavours. We will pay journalists (words, photos, video, graphics) for their work, and it may be used to pay for investigative aspects of that work (FOIPs, court checks and records, title searches, travel, etc). Any money not used in each month will be set aside for two purposes: To eventually hire a full-time reporter (or more!) and to fund any capital investments (equipment) or for website development. It will all be used to create a better experience with better content – for you.

In some cases, it may be used to help fund operating costs, but we’re hoping to rely on advertising to foot those costs so we can focus this revenue on storytelling.

We will account monthly for how the Patreon money is spent so you know your money is going exactly where you expect it to: Journalism.

Next, we will be producing Partner Content. What is this? It’s advertising content paid for by organizations or businesses that have a message or story they want to deliver to Calgarians. These pieces will be highlighted as paid content on the website. We assure all readers that paid content does not in any way influence the journalistic work we do. If you ever feel we’ve failed to adhere to this, please let us know.

In producing Partner Content, we hope to add value to the site and partner with organizations that have a great story to tell.

The Partner Content proceeds will help fund the operating costs of the company: Insurance, legal costs, accounting, web costs (non-development), graphics and other related business expenses. Money will also be set aside from this pool of funds for continued platform development and a general rainy day fund. Leftover revenue will pay journalists first (should the Patreon not cover it) and then the founder and editor, Darren Krause.

Of course, we’ll top it off with website ads. Let’s be honest – as a start up our traffic may not really warrant a dramatic push for web ads. But, if we do start to see demand for website advertising, it will be included in the general revenue stream, similar to the Client Content.

Why are you telling us this?

Because. Most media companies won’t tell you where their money goes – for obvious reasons. It’s not necessarily going to the journalism. So, we want to be upfront about it. Hopefully we’ll show that it pays to support quality local journalism.