Partner Content Solutions

We know your business has a story to tell.

Telling that story in an effective way is critical to your business success. Especially if you’re spending valuable capital getting the word out. That’s where we can help – we have a knack for telling stories that prompt response, so leave it in our hands. We’ve got you covered.

LiveWire Calgary’s Partner Content Solutions is a unique opportunity for Calgary’s small-and-medium-sized businesses to tell their story, complete with social media promotion to tap into our rapidly expanding audience.

– 90,000 unique visitors
– Nearly 117,000 page views
(- all as of June 1, 2020)

Here’s how Partner Content works:

First step: Reach out to our editor, Darren Krause at! He wants to hear from you.

Next, we’ll chat with you via phone, email, text, or in person to find that ONE thing we think could help excite people about your product or service. We’ll get our audience hyped about taking part and supporting your Calgary business.

We can produce 350 words OR a 30-second video that makes that ONE thing shine through. We want people to care about what you do and what separates you from the rest!

We’ll pop it out on Twitter once a week to generate a little extra buzz. Then, whatever content we create, it’s YOURS to use for whatever purpose after that: Web, other periodicals, blogs, you name it, it’s yours.


We all have to invest in our companies to boost our presence in a noisy world.

Here’s a basic project cost for the above-mentioned services:

 – Words with original photo for one month run with 4 social media blasts $350

Video, with short intro write up for one month run, with 4 SM blasts – $400

Each additional month, $100.

SAMPLE PACKAGE: Original content (LiveWire provided) with photo and 4 SM blasts for one month = $350

Add an extra month run – $100. Total cost: $450 for 60 days online (That’s advertising for $7.50 per day! Go to 90 days and that cost is down to $6.11 per day.)

We think you’d be pretty hard-pressed to find advertising value better than that. As our audience grows, so will your exposure. (But then we might have to raise the rates… just a smidge though. Promise.

Why this works. We’re storytellers. We’re trained to help people understand and care about what’s important in a story. Plus, when people click through to your story – it means they’re interested. Once we capture their attention and help you generate the leads, you make the sale!

We’re looking for your stories!

At LiveWire Calgary we value stories. Tell us a little bit about your business and we’ll help you shape the content so it’s something our readers will find of interest. We want to do more than just ‘sell’ for you – we want to share something about you.

For more information:

 We can’t wait to hear from you!