We believe your business success is critical to the community. That’s why we want to help get your message out.

LiveWire Calgary has a unique opportunity for Calgary’s small-and-medium sized businesses to tell their story, complete with content and social media promotion – and long run times!

We’re provided our guidelines for the content below, but don’t be afraid to drop a line to darren.krause@livewirecalgary.com if you have questions.

CURRENTLY WE ARE SEEING 7,500 unique visitors per month… and growing! (Updated Sept. 8, 2018) You can tap into that audience for less than $15 per day.

Partner Content Guidelines

How does it work?

If you had 350 words or 30 seconds to talk about a unique aspect or selling point of your business what would it be?

We can produce (or help YOU produce) this Partner Content that appears in a high-profile location in a random rotation on the top right-hand side of our homepage. It appears on our site like a standard story, though it’s clearly marked ‘Partner Content’ on the website.

This advertising solution works because users who click through to your article are clearly interested in your service. It’s up to US (you and our writer) to deliver a message that converts those leads into sales.

Our audience

Since we’re a start-up we don’t have specific demographics yet, but we’re targeting anyone with a specific interest in hyper-local, community focused news. We value story and so do they.

Advertising options

We recognize that not everyone’s needs are the same – and since we value innovation and creativity, sometimes it’s tough to put an advertising solution in a box. But we’ll give it a try.

There are two standard Partner Content options:

  • 350 words (written by freelance partners), with a photo, for a one month run on the site.
  • 30 second video (shot and edited by freelance partners) with a short write up for SEO, for a one month run on the website.

Partner content will have social media through the LiveWire Calgary main account, at least once per week.

There are discounts for extended runs (More than three months), and we can also provide longer website runs with multiple articles or videos, at an additional cost.

Your basic investment (Rates as of Sept. 8, 2018; subject to change)

 For the two standard packages:

  • Words with original photo for one month run with 4 social media blasts – $350

(If you write the content and provide the photo, the cost is $250)

  • Video, with write up, for one month run with 4 SM blasts – $400

(If you provide the video and write up, the cost is $250)

More than 1 month – $25 each additional week.


SAMPLE PACKAGE: Original content (LiveWire provided) with photo and 4 SM blasts for one month = $350.  Add an extra month run – $100. Total cost: $450 for 60 days online (That’s advertising for $7.50 per day!)


We’re looking for your stories!

At LiveWire Calgary we value stories. Tell us a little bit about your business and we’ll help you shape the content so it’s something our readers will find of interest. We want to do more than just ‘sell’ for you – we want to share your story!

For more information: darren.krause@livewirecalgary.com

 We can’t wait to hear from you!