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Judicial recounts have been requested in two close Calgary ridings

Alberta UCP candidates in two ridings, won by the NDP with thin margins have filed for judicial recounts, the party has said.

On May 29, both Calgary-Acadia and Calgary-Glenmore went to the Alberta NDP, with Diana Batten defeating former minister Tyler Shandro (Acadia) by 25 votes, and Nagwan Al-Guneid closing out Whitney Issik in Calgary-Glenmore. The latter was a 42 vote margin.

Both of these ridings went through a mandatory recount after the election under Election Act rules. Their victories were confirmed in the recount. Batten had actually extended her lead.

A judicial recount can be requested for some or all of the votes cast in an election and must be done within eight days of the official vote count from the province’s Chief Electoral Officer.

According to Section 146(1) a judge will conduct the recount. After the process, the judge would immediately certify the results and a winner would once again be declared.

In a statement to LWC, the UCP said this process enables a thorough examination, particularly of yet-to-be-reviewed advanced polling ballots, to ensure the intention of voters is accounted for.

“In light of the close election results in Calgary-Acadia and Calgary-Glenmore, the United Conservative Party candidates in those electoral districts have filed for judicial recounts,” they wrote.

“This action, taken with full respect for the electoral process, reinforces our firm commitment to complete transparency.”

The Alberta NDP said they would cooperate fully with the judicial recount process. Though, they said they believe the applications brought forward are unfounded.

“Diana Batten was elected by the people of Calgary-Acadia. Nagwan Al-Guneid was elected by the people of Calgary-Glenmore. We look forward to them taking the seats they’ve earned in the Legislature so they can formally get to work delivering on a better future for Albertans,” read an Alberta NDP statement.

“Both Member-Elects have already hit the ground running and will not let this process interfere with their work on behalf of their constituents.”