LWC Shortcast: Splitting Calgary’s Green Line LRT

Have we talked enough about a potential split of Calgary's Green Line LRT?

The proposed Green Line route. CITY OF CALGARY

Call this a little bit of an experiment.

We wanted to present information on the Green Line LRT in a little bit different way. On Jan. 28, councillors were locked in a closed-door session to talk about different alignments and route delivery options for the city’s $5 billion infrastructure project.

We’ve already tackled a piece on the downtown, and on why the route didn’t travel north, where the city’s own 2006 documents show they’d need LRT in north central Calgary within 20 years.

In this piece, with great audio available on the topic, we thought we’d deliver a different experience to start conversations on lesser talked about aspects of the city’s top stories.

It’s a little bit more than a 1-minute radio hit, but a little less than your typical podcast.

Like it? Tell us! Your feedback is crucial as we continue to develop new ways to telling Calgary’s great community stories.

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