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LiveWired in Calgary – S1E2 – Public pot zones, 30km/h residential and Olympics

LIVEWIRE-D in CALGARY: In Episode 2 of our partnership with CJSW 90.9 FM, host, and editor of LiveWire Calgary, Darren Krause, tackles three primary topics:

  • Public marijuana consumption zones – Coun. Gian-Carlo Carra explains what went wrong with the city’s attempted foray into finding public zones for cannabis use. It turns out we won’t have the charming green benches to smoke weed after all.
  • 30km/h residential zones: speed limit reductionThis story was developing on the date of broadcast, but we took an in-depth look at why a has to happen before design changes can be made in Calgary neighbourhoods. We also followed it up with reporting on city council’s decision to endorse a speed limit reduction for the neighbourhoods, but the actual speed and what areas will affect are still to be investigated.
  • On Your Radar: We catch you up with some of the goings on coming in October (yes, it’s October. Where has the time gone?)
  • Olympics, Olympics, Olympics: Finally, we talk with Yes Calgary 2026 spokesman, Jason Ribeiro, on some of the thornier issues around legacy projects in Calgary and whether or not any promised federal or provincial cash would be available anyway.

There’s been some spillover to the Olympic debate as there was a leak of supposedly sensitive information to the media – and mayor Nenshi called for an investigation into the leak. We penned an editorial, imploring the city to present all of the information and scenarios and trust Calgarians to weed through it, without hiding behind messaging.

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Watch for our next episode airing on CJSW 90.9 on Oct. 29.