Quiz: Calgary’s plain language policy – how many acronyms do you know?

Do you have what it takes to be a city hall policy wonk?

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Have you got your DP in place?

Does it match your neighbourhood LAP?

On Jan. 18 – roughly the 10th anniversary of the original notice of motion – Coun. Druh Farrell will re-introduce the city’s plain language policy.

She said in her notice of motion that “the City of Calgary continues to use language that can be overly technical, ambiguous, confusing, and isolating.”

In Tuesday’s (Jan. 12) Priorities and Finance Committee (PFC) meeting, Coun. Farrell said we already have a plain language policy, but no one uses it.

“It’s actually gotten worse. And so, I’m not even sure if we need any policies,” she said.

“I just want people to follow it, and so I’m just putting this motion forward as a reminder that a policy is a policy.”

Test your city acronym ability!

We’ve got a 10-question, multiple choice quiz to see how you stack up on city hall acronyms. Tweet us @LiveWireCalgary with your score! (Follow us, too!)

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  1. . got 100% . so when do i get my $175k per annum for sitting at home fiddling with my (City provided) laptop?

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