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Tab for weekend Calgary snowstorm could hit $1M

Calgary’s acting general manager of transportation put numbers to the city’s snow-clearing effort as crews continue to clean up after a weekend snowstorm.

The City of Calgary is still under a snowfall warning with another two to five centimetres expected Monday. The snow is expected to taper off in the afternoon. 

Doug Morgan with the City of Calgary told councillors at Monday’s combined meeting of council that roads crews had been prepping for a month.

“They targeted mid-September; they’re ever the pessimists when it comes to weather,” Morgan said.

A total of 65 sanders and graders were out on city streets. Fifteen smaller pieces clearing pathways and other hard-to-get areas.

Morgan said that only 57 3-1-1 calls have been logged in relation to snow clearing. Transit was also able to maintain a 90 per cent on time rate.

Coun. Sean Chu questioned Morgan on the storm’s cost.

“We estimate the cost of this storm will be about one million dollars,” Morgan said.

The City of Calgary says around 20 cm of snow fell in the city over the weekend. On Monday, crews will continue work removing snow on Priority 1 roads and remove snow from sidewalks, bike lanes and pathways.

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The City has also launched a new Snow Route notification system where citizens, particularly those who live on snow routes, are encouraged to sign up for text and e-mail notifications.

All that snow, however, had many Calgarians taking to social media to express their feelings about it.