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LiveWire Calgary in-house podcast: 2018 Year in Review

This isn’t your typical Calgary year in review.

Plus, how many year in reviews are recorded at Brodie’s dining room table? Probably none. This one was.

We (Darren and Brodie) take a look back at the last seven months and talk about the road travelled to get where we are today.

While we’re enjoying a tremendous amount of success, there are still some headwinds that we’re leaning into with everything we have. Every new start up faces its share of stunning successes and, of course, failures. We talk about some of those and how we’re moving forward in Calgary’s new and evolving media landscape.

We dissect a bunch of things in this podcast: Highs, lows, challenges and we count down some of OUR most read stories this year (we talk about them further than in the web post!) and give you some insight into how we’re trying to approach local news.

For every barn-burning, chart-topping story, there’s a flop, too. We talk about a handful of stories that we thought would get more traction… but didn’t. We also examine why that might have been.

We’re looking forward to another year of delivering a different brand of local news to Calgary.

We hope you’re standing alongside us as we change the face of media in Calgary.

Happy New Year, Calgary. See you in 2019!