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LiveWire Calgary’s 10 most-read articles of 2018

It’s the end of the year – typically a slow time for news, but also a great time to look back at the year that was.

Since we’ve only been around half the year (LiveWire Launched on June 4), we thought we would bring you our 10 most-read stories of 2018, based on our web traffic.

These weren’t necessarily our most important stories, or our favourites, but they are the ones you – our readers – read the most.

So without further ado, we’re counting them down Letterman style, from 10 to one:

10. Power up: Calgary retro video game retailer hits reset button with larger store

Jeff McNair, owner of Calgary’s Video Game Trader, is quadrupling his floor space in a move from Forest Lawn to Lake Bonavista. BRODIE THOMAS / LIVEWIRE CALGARY

At Livewire, we’re all about community, and this story tapped into the local gaming community. It seems there’s a market for folks who want to relive their 90s childhood by playing Super Nintendo and Sega.

9.Calgary marketing city industrial land to create cannabis hub

Pot wasn’t even legal when we published this story about how the city is courting cannabis-related businesses to set up shop in the southeast.

8. The wait is over: See inside Calgary’s New Central Library

Like just about everyone in the city, we were really excited about the launch of the New Central Library. Having seen the new building during the media tour, we were also excited to share our photos, so we put them out at 12:01 AM on Nov. 1.

7. Tire Talk: Why snow tires don’t wheelie work for Calgary Transit, or other transit authorities

Cheesy headlines aside, this was a great deep dive by Darren Krause. After an early snowstorm, and the traffic chaos that ensued, people on social media wanted to know why the city’s buses don’t have snow tires.

6. Video: Cars ignore Calgary student’s attempts to cross residential road

This story generated a lot of talk online. After a father shot a short video of cars flying past his son as he tried to cross the street in front of their house, we looked into what the city was doing to calm traffic in the area.

5. New LA billboard campaign keeping Calgary film in the minds of Hollywood moguls

Although we’re not much for Hollywood gossip, this story was too good to pass up. As oil and gas faces more hurdles, and the province looks to diversify, the film industry has been held up as one potential industry that Alberta could capitalize on.

4. Calgary’s first-ever permanent rainbow crosswalk set for Mount Royal University

Although the city has been painting and then removing a rainbow crosswalk for Pride celebrations each year, Mount Royal University caught the attention of Calgarians by saying they’d make theirs permanent.

3. Calgary’s Mac’s Midget hockey tournament suspends play in female division

This article was written by local freelancer Krista Sylvester, and paid for by Patreon contributions. Other media picked it up, but LiveWire reported it first.

2. Calgary’s first used electric car dealership opens on 17 Avenue

Another scoop for LiveWire, we brought you the story of how a former oil and gas engineer is now trying to tap into the market for electric cars.

1. Calgary couple facing mounting hospital tab after Thailand motorcycle crash

The story of a Calgary couple who ran into medical trouble – and then insurance trouble – while vacationing in Thailand captures readers all over the world.