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LiveWire Calgary’s top five ‘overlooked’ stories of 2018

We’ve had an exciting half-year at LiveWire bringing you stories about your communities, and about your city.

Sometimes we were surprised by what stories really caught your attention and captured a lot of traffic. Every so often, we had a story we thought would take off, and found out it just fell flat.

After looking back, we thought we’d bring you a list of our top five “overlooked” stories for 2018. Each one is still worth a read, so if you missed it the first time around, click the link and have a read, and consider sharing it out if it caught your attention.

5. Calgary Zoo hints at potential new polar bear exhibit within 4 years

The Calgary Zoo has not had a polar bear since 1999, but a recent presentation by the zoo hinted at a possible return of the iconic animal. (Wikimedia Commons/Adam Bishop)

OK, so Calgary Zoo officials didn’t come out and say that we’re getting a polar bear at the zoo, but they pretty much said it during a council meeting back in September. Take a look at what they had to say and see if you agree.

4. Calgary hasn’t pinpointed source of city funding for 2026 Olympic Games

The Olympic debate was one of te hottest topics of 2018, but amid all the discussion and day-to-day coverage of meetings, we stopped and asked, ‘Where will the city get the money it needs for its share of the games?’ We thought that the fact that there was no real answer might catch the attention of critics and boosters alike. It did not.

3. Albertans’ personal information provided to political parties via Election Act

People seems to be more concerned than ever about their personal data, even as they continue to use websites like Facebook. In the run-up to next year’s election, people have been recieveing texts from Alberta’s political parties, and many want to know how they got their unlisted cell-phone numbers. We found out, and the answer might surprise you.

2. Cochrane athlete powering through chemotherapy on his bicycle

Sanjay Sachdev trains on his bike while receiving chemotherapy treatment for testicular cancer at the Tom Baker Cancer Centre.(Courtesy Sanjay Sachdev)

Sometimes you find an uplifting story and you think that it will capture the public’s interest. The story of Sanjay Sachdev battling cancer while training for marathons seemed like one that would take off. Give it a read now, if you missed it the first time.

1. Alberta cataloguing facial recognition data through driver’s licence photos

Anyone who has had their photo taken for a driver’s licence since 2004 has their image in the province’s facial comparison software system. (GOVERNMENT OF ALBERTA)

Concerns about Cadillac Fairview malls using facial recognition on its customers caught the attention of Calgarians over the summer months. But that technology only tried to get customers’ age and gender. We exposed how the provincial government keeps a much more Orwellian database of every adult’s face, and how it’s sometimes used by police.