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Confederation Park 55+ finds a new home and partnership in Triwood Community Association

A collaborative community effort helped save Confederation Park 55+ Activity Centre.

After being unexpectedly asked to leave their home in December, where they had been for 48 years, the senior citizen activity centre has found a home.

And with that, a new partnership was built.

After hearing about the situation, fellow non-profit group Triwood Community Association, reached out to Confederation Park 55+ to offer them a new home.

“A very large, impactful non-profit, who was one of our neighbours, didn’t have a home and needed somewhere to continue the good work that they’re doing,” said Stefan Horbay, executive director of Triwood Community Association.

“We felt that our missions align, and we have the space for them during the day and welcomed them in.”

It was some much needed good news for Jeanette Provo, Confederation Park 55+ Activity Centre’s executive director.

“Coming out of COVID, it’s been a very negative experience in many ways,” said Provo.

“But it’s a very positive experience when you have something like this happen.”

A two-way benefit

With the new partnership, several opportunities have come to light.

According to Horbay, this will help enhance everything that Triwood tries to do in terms of capacity getting more numbers into their building.

“There’s also the funding standpoint to sort of, strength in numbers, when it comes to getting favours from the government and getting support,” he said.

“The more members, the more people you’re serving, the better off you are in terms of having having your supporters step in and help you.”

It also tackles an issue that many non-profits face.

“Non-profits already have to struggle and compete for grants and funding to start with,” said Provo. “

“It’s something that having this opportunity where they negotiated with us, has been very advantageous to us.”

After seeing their membership numbers decline due to the December announcement, both sides are are hopeful that this partnership will be an enhancement to the diversity of the community.

PHOTO: Triwood community Instagram account

A place to come together

Now that they’ve found a new home, Provo said things are looking up.

“We’ve got people coming back, they’re so excited now that they’re doing meet and greets and seeing the new facility,” she said.

Above that, Provo believes their new home will be a multi-use facility where anyone 18 and older can join for classes and activities.

“I think this place is just going to be a thriving organization with the two of us joining together,” said Provo. “All of our members instantly become their members so it’s a win-win all the way around.”

To celebrate the new partnership, both organizations are holding an event on Sept. 10 at 10:30 a.m., at Triwood Community Association, featuring food trucks and live entertainment.