Ward Zero – Episode 10: Federal election impact, COVID, campaign racism and Ward 10 candidates

And more! We just couldn't fit it all in the headline.

We're back with season 2 of the Ward Zero podcast - now geared towards discussion on Calgary civic issues.

Welcome back to Ward Zero for episode 10!

In this 45-minute episode, Esmahan Razavi helps Jeremy Zhao and LiveWire Calgary editor Darren Krause navigate the federal election, rising COVID numbers, racism and harassment on the campaign trail, plus Ward 10 talk.

Darren also shares his experience listening in on the Disability Action Hall candidates forum (There’s another one tonight – Aug. 26.)

Thanks for listening!

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  1. Andre a habit never ran fir Ward 10. Intact his signs are misleading and unethical- to say “re-elect me” in a ward that he was never elected in is absolutely misleading. Andre Chabot is back fir a pay check after he realized he couldn’t go up the political ladder.

  2. Also, you guys forgot to mention that this podcast was sponsored by Andre Chabot – it seems quite biased

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