People. Powered. News.

If you’re having trouble finding news about your community or the great things going happening in Calgary, we understand your struggle.

That’s why we exist. We’re here to fill that growing void. To do it, we need the support of people just like you.

Since we launched in June 2018:

  • We’ve published more than 1,300 stories.
  • We’ve reached more than 144,000 Calgarians.
  • We’ve touched on more than 70 Calgary communities.
  • We’ve enlisted the skills of more than a dozen local freelance writers.
  • We’ve worked with five freelance photographers
  • We’ve published multiple community contributors

So when others talk about the future of journalismwe’re actually doing it.

The reality is, we’re still a start up. While we’re building a viable and sustainable foundation we need your support.

With your pledge, here’s what we’re going to do:

  • Hire another full-time reporter – that’s roughly another 365 stories each year (probably more).
  • Fund more freelance content (podcasts, videos, long-form stories)
  • Conduct more investigations (time+money)

Building a new media model

Many of you are familiar with our Patreon crowdfunding portal. It’s a place where you can make a monthly pledge (in USD) to support our community news efforts.

Many people have asked for a single pledge option. We listened. We chose PayPal because it’s effective, well-known and trusted. Many of you already use it for your secure online transactions.

As for your pledge: Thank you!

The same rules apply here as they do on Patreon. Any pledges made will go straight to journalism. It won’t go to operations. That means any contribution you make has a DIRECT impact on the number of stories we can tell.

PLEASE NOTE: We are not a charity, nor are we a non-profit organization or society. Tax receipts will not be issued.

As always – your feedback on this new single pledge system is welcome! Hit up our editor, Darren Krause with questions.