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Calgary’s Next Economy: Lonofi allows you to create your own background sounds

First, you imagine a scene. Then you pick the music.

Only, with French company Lonofi, it’s not for an action or sci-fi movie. It’s for events in your own life.

One of six co-founders, Adrian Gomar, said Lonofi allows the user to create whatever ambiance they want using different sounds.

They’ve been in development for a few years now, but one of the things they realized is that people aren’t just creating sounds for music. They’re using it for meditation, for sleep, to relax – and also for things like dinner parties.

Gomar’s not a trained composer. They don’t really expect any of their users to be accomplished musicians. They want anyone to be able to load up their AI-powered app to create whatever sound they want.

“We believe that the new possibilities of machine learning can be applied to music,” he said.

“We are building this platform where people build their own music and share it instantly with anybody.”


When a user wants to create a piece of music, they imagine the type of scene or ambiance they want to achieve.

They choose from a variety of repeating sounds using emojis or animals, notes for music, or a picture on the platform. They’re put together using AI-powered orchestration to blend the sounds to create a final arrangement.

“We’re trying to build our system to classify how people are feeling things when they listen to music,” Gomar said.

“In our app, users are classifying the scenes they are building in, and the music.”

Gomar used the example of putting together the sound of the wind along with birds. Or take instruments from an orchestra and put them together with wind, perhaps crickets and you have an outdoor concert in the evening.

“It’s natural. It’s intuitive,” he said.

Discovering the ecosystem

Despite being a European company, Gomar said the majority of their more than 50,000 users are based in North America.

Being a part of the Platform Calgary Junction program has given them more insight into what users in this market are looking for. It’s put them right into their target ecosystem.

“It felt very intuitive to just getting closer to where our customers are,” he said.

Over the next 18 months, Gomar said the group is launching a premium version of the app. They will still be adding core features for all users, however, they want to provide more options for users in a premium package.

They are focused on continuing to grow their user base, to put the creation tools easily in the palm of their hand. Their growth plan is still primarily in North America where they have a solid foothold of users.

Gomar believes they have a composition tool that people will appreciate.

“We can change the way people are listening to background music,” he said.