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Babies on the brain: Alberta announces top baby names

Noah and Olivia topped last year’s charts for the most popular boys and girls in Alberta.

Today, the province announced that of the 51,598 Alberta babies born in 2019, there was close to an even split of 26,328 boys and 25,270 girls.

Noah, which has been a front runner for Alberta families has returned as the top boy name twice in the last three years. Olivia has been the reigning champion for girl names for the last six years.

The rest of the top five boy names were Ethan, Oliver, Liam, and Jack and the top five girl names were Charlotte, Sophia, Emma, and Ava.

Nate Glubish the Minister of Service Alberta said in a prepared release that choosing a name for children is an exciting time for parents.

“One of the most memorable moments for me as a new father was when my wife and I chose the name for our son last fall. Choosing a name for your child is fun and exciting,” he said.

“I want to congratulate all new parents in Alberta and reassure them, as well as Albertans expecting a child in the near future, that we are working every day to make sure your children have a great future in a strong Alberta.”

Although these common names took top spots among Albertan families. Some Alberta parents drew inspiration from other popular sources.

There were 13,718 “different” baby names recorded in 2019, some Alberta parents chose names from Game of Thrones like Khaleesi, Sansa, Brienne. There were names from Lord of the Rings like Arwen, Eowyn, Theoden. Also from Marvel comics like Loki, Rogue, Xavier-Charles.