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Calgary’s Future-Now carpet cleaning has your dirt surrounded

You’ve probably never met anyone in the Calgary carpet cleaning business like Gerald Miller of Future-Now Carpets.

He’s got the environment, your family and affordability in mind – all while providing a carpet cleaning system that extends the life of your rug.

Future-Now Carpets uses an encapsulation technique. Traditional soaps have dirt stick to it and require about 50 gallons of water pressed into your carpet over 1,000 square feet.  But it just pushes it down and then the traditional cleaners try to soak up as much water as they can.

The encapsulation process used by Future-Now process surrounds the dirt, then actually takes it out. It requires roughly 1/10th of the water used by traditional cleaners.

“We pull the dirt truly out of the environment instead of soaking it down,” said Miller, owner of Future-Now Carpets in Calgary.

“It’s all environmentally friendly; the kids can even play on it.”

Breakdown of your carpets

Not only are the soaps environmentally-friendly, and they use less water, Miller’s Future-Now encapsulation system extends the life of the carpet and the underlay – meaning it doesn’t have to be replaced. Without replacement, less waste is sent to the dump.

“People think their carpets are breaking down. It’s not. It’s the underlay,” Miller said.

“The underlay isn’t designed to be wet. How do we wash our carpets? We saturate them with water, we suck everything we can out of the sponge and meanwhile, the stain spreads from two inches to two feet.

“With encapsulation, none of that happens.”

Miller said you can get that 15 years out of your carpet that you initially thought you would, versus the typical four or five before you start seeing problems.

One price, no upsells: ‘We despise the practice’

Miller recalls several stories of traditional cleaning companies coming in with an $80 intro price, only to turn it into a $600 bill once upsells are calculated.

He quoted one woman in southeast Calgary around $300 and she said he “was out of whack” with the price and that she could get it for $100 from a competitor. A year later, that same client called back. Miller said she could get it for $400, as costs had gone up. She signed up because the prior year that initial $100 turned into $1,000 with all the upselling.

“There’s a lot of questionable upsell techniques. I just disagree with that whole way of thinking,” Miller said.

You give Future-Now Carpets a call and you get a call back from Gerald. Even if a client doesn’t leave a message. He wants to make sure that you’re not dealing with an emergency that you need cleaned up right away.

Then, he walks you through the process. You can get a quote over the phone or by sending details via email. Then they set a precise time for when the work is done – so you’re not waiting for the appointment.

Service, reliability and a commitment to the community

Now that you have a set cost with no upselling – that means no distance fees, no environmental costs, no additions for stain removal – they get the work done.

Including drying.

Their two vans work around the Calgary area committed to delivering spotless carpets with their environmental, carpet-friendly encapsulation cleaning system.

They’re a busy bunch, but they always have time to give back. They give back to three important groups: seniors, first responders and military personnel.

“I’ve always had a soft spot, especially for the seniors. I feel that’s one group in the city that nobody advocates for,” he said.

He’ll even squeeze in an extra area for seniors on a budget.

“It’s just our way of giving back,” he said. For more information or a quote, give Gerald a call at (403) 988-1642 or  visit their website.