Alberta Election – Calgary Ridings

EDITOR’S NOTE: This information is for Alberta’s provincial election, NOT the upcoming federal election. For more information on candidates in the Calgary area for the Oct. 21 election, you can visit this third-party site.

Albertans will go to the polls April 16 to decide the next provincial government.

We’ve put together a list of Calgary ridings and the nominated candidates in those ridings. We’ve included links to their information. We’ll update the links that aren’t available at this time, when they do become available.

For information on what riding you live in, visit the Elections Alberta webpage.

CALGARY ELECTION CANDIDATES – Incumbent party and/or candidate in Italic


Boundaries: Macleod Tr, Anderson Rd SE, Heritage Dr SW

NDP: Kate Andrews

UCP: Tyler Shandro

Alberta Party: Lana Bentley

Liberal: Lorissa Good

In 2015, NDP’s Brandy Payne won with 34 per cent over Wildrose and PC candidates winning 31 and 29 per cent, respectively.


Boundaries: Shaganappi Trail NW, Beddington Tr NW and NE

NDP: Amanda Chapman

UCP: Josephine Pon

Liberal: Chandan Tadavaklar

This is a brand new riding, contested for the first time in 2019. Formerly Calgary-Mackay-Nose Hill with parts of Calgary-Foothills (UCP) and Calgary-Northern Hills (NDP).


Boundaries: Bow Tr SW, 101 St SW, 32 Ave NW

NDP: Deborah Drever

UCP: Demetrios Nicolaides

Alberta Party: Paul Godard

Liberal: Daniel Ejumabone

Freedom Conservative Party: Regina Shakirova

  • Drever won by 1.5 per cent after 35 years of PC rule in 2015.


Boundaries: 17 Ave SW, 32 Ave

NDP: Joe Ceci

UCP: Tom Olsen

Alberta Party: Omar Masood

Green: Heather Morigeau

  • Calgary-Buffalo was held by Liberals for much of the time from 1986 on until it was taken by the NDP in 2015. Ceci was elected in 2015 as part of Calgary-Fort, which is now largely redrawn into Calgary-Peigan.


Boundaries: 32 Ave NE, McKnight Blvd NE, 84 St NE

NDP: Ricardo Miranda

UCP: Mickey Amery

Alberta Party: Braham Luddu

Liberal: Naser Al-Kukhun

  • Miranda is running for re-election in another conservative stronghold that was flipped in 2015.


Boundaries: Sarcee Tr SW, Richmond Rd SW, 14 St SW

NDP: Brian Malkinson

UCP: Nicholas Milliken

Alberta Party: Lindsay Luhnau

Liberal: Joshua Codd

  • Liberals held the seat from 2004-2012; it went back to the PCs in 2012 before being taken in 2015 NDP wave.


Boundaries: Memorial Dr E, 17 Ave SE, 16 Ave NE

UCP: Peter Singh

NDP: Cesar Cela

Alberta Party: Gar Gar

Liberal: Michelle Robinson

  • Robyn Luff took this seat for the NDP in 2015 from longtime PC MLA Moe Amery, but was removed from their caucus after alleging Premier Notley’s government ran on “fear and intimidation.”


Boundaries: Nose Hill Dr NW, Sarcee Tr NW

UCP: Prasad Panda

NDP: Julia Hayter

Alberta Party: Joanne Gui

Green: Carl Svoboda

  • Another brand-new riding, comprised of former riding Calgary-Hawkwood (NDP), and former parts of Calgary-Foothills (UCP) and Calgary-Varsity (NDP). Panda is currently the MLA for Calgary-Foothills.


Boundaries: Richardson Way SW, Glenmore Trail SW

Alberta Party: Greg Clark

UCP: Doug Schweitzer

NDP: Janet Eremenko

Liberal: Robin Macintosh

  • A safe conservative riding of former PC premiers Ralph Klein and Alison Redford, this went to the centrist Alberta Party in 2015, one of their three seats in Alberta.


Boundaries: 64 Ave NE, 84 St NE

UCP: Devinder Toor

NDP: Parmeet Singh

Alberta Party: Jasbir Dhari

Liberal: Deepak Sherma

  • A new riding comprised of formerly Calgary-Falconridge and parts of Calgary-East and Calgary-McCall. The current MLA is independent Pradheep Gill, who was ejected from the UCP caucus over a ballot-stuffing controversy and has since become a key figure in the Jeff Callaway “kamikaze” affair. He is not running again in 2019.


Boundaries: Macleod Tr SE, Stony Trail SE

UCP: Richard Gotfried

NDP: Rebecca Bounsall

Alberta Party: Robert Tremblay

Liberal: John Roggeveen

Independent: Thomas Manasek

  • Calgary-Fish Creek has only had three MLAs since 1978, all conservatives, including Gotfried, who won for the PCs in 2015.


Boundaries: Country Hills Blvd NW, Symons Valley Rd NW, Evanspark Blvd NW

UCP: Jason Luan

NDP: Sameena Arif

Alberta Party: Jennifer Wyness

Freedom Conservative Party: Kari Pomerleau

  • Calgary-Foothills has voted conservative since 1971; in 2015, it was then-Premier Jim Prentice’s seat.


Boundaries: 37 St SW, Glenmore Tr SW

NDP: Jordan Stein

UCP: Whitney Issik

Alberta Party: Scott Appleby

Liberal: Shirley Ksienski

Green Party: Allie Tullick

  • NDP candidate Anam Kazim won by just six votes in 2015, and was defeated by Stein for the nomination this time.


Boundaries: Stoney Tr SE, 130 Av SE

UCP: Ric McIver

NDP: Tory Tomblin

Alberta Party: Chris Nowell

Independent: Kenneth Morice


Boundaries: McKnight Blvd NE, 36 St NE, 14 St NW

NDP: Craig Coolahan

UCP: Jeremy Nixon

Alberta Party: Kara Levis

Liberal: Michael Macdonald

  • Coolahan took this seat in 2015; after unsuccessfully running in the last two elections as a Wildrose Party candidate, Nixon is attempting to take the seat for the UCP.


Boundaries: 146 Ave SW, James McKevit Rd SW

UCP: Jason Kenney

NDP: Julia Bietz

Alberta Party: Rachel Timmermans

Liberal: Wilson McCutchan


Boundaries: Deerfoot Tr NE, Country Hills Blvd NE

NDP: Irfan Sabir

UCP: Jasraj Singh Hallan

Alberta Party: Avinash Khangura

Liberal: Faiza Ali Abda

Green Party: Janice Fraser

  • Calgary-McCall went Liberal in 2008 and 2012 before joining the NDP wave in 2015.


Boundaries: 16 Ave NE and NW, 32 Ave NW

Liberal: David Khan

NDP: Kathleen Ganley

Alberta Party: Angela Kokott

UCP: Jeremy Wong

Green Party: Thana Boonlert

Independent: Monica Freisz

Mountain View is seen as one of the more interesting races in Calgary. A strongly left-leaning riding, the Liberals have held this seat since 2004; their leader David Khan is attempting to enter the legislature. Former news personality Angela Kokott is attempting to take it for the Alberta Party, and she may have had an assist from the UCP. The night before the election was called, UCP candidate Caylan Ford, viewed as a “star” candidate, resigned after a leaked Facebook comment by her in which she expressed sympathy for white supremacist terrorists. On March 21, Wong, who lost the nomination to Ford, was appointed as the replacement candidate.


Boundaries: Country Hills Blvd NW, Symons Valley Py NW, 144 Ave NW

NDP: Kelly Mandryk

UCP: Muhammad Yaseen

Alberta Party: Gary Arora

Liberal: Saliha HaqA

  • This riding previously existed from 1959-1971, and has been re-established for 2019 from parts of Calgary-Mackay-Nose Hill and Calgary-Northern Hills.


Boundaries: Harvest Hills Blvd N, Country Hills Blvd NE

UCP: Rajan Sawhney

NDP: Gurbachan Brar

Alberta Party: Nate Pike

Liberal: Gul Khan

  • Like Calgary-North, this is an old riding re-established for 2019, from parts of Calgary-Mackay-Nose Hill and Calgary-McCall. Both the UCP and NDP nominations in this riding had ballot-stuffing controversies.


Boundaries: Nose Hill Dr NW, Stoney Tr NW, Country Hills Blvd NW

UCP: Sonya Savage

NDP: Hafeez Chishti

Alberta Party: Andrew Bradley

Liberal: Prerna Mahtani

Freedom Conservative Party: Cam Khan

Independent: Roberta McDonald

  • Sandra Jansen won this riding for the PCs in 2015, before crossing the floor to become an NDP cabinet minister. She is not running for re-election.


Boundaries: Peigan Dr, 17 Ave SE, 130 Ave SE

NDP: Joseph Pimlott

UCP: Tanya Fir

Alberta Party: Ron Reinhold

Liberal: Jaroslav Giesbrecht

Freedom Conservative Party: Sheyne Espey

  • A new district created largely from former Calgary-Fort.


Boundaries: Stoney Tr SE, Macleod Trail SE, Shawnessy Blvd SW, Spruce Meadows Way SW

NDP: Graham Sucha

UCP: Rebecca Schulz

Alberta Party: Bronson Ha

Liberal: Vesna Samardzija

Green: John Daly

  • Sucha won this riding by around 100 votes in 2015.


Boundaries: Stoney Trail SE

Alberta Party: Rick Fraser

UCP: Matt Jones

NDP: Heather Eddy

Independent: Richard Fontaine

  • Fraser joined the Alberta Party from the PCs after his election in 2015.
  • On March 24, UCP candidate Eva Kiryakos resigned after deleted social media posts by her about Muslim refugees and transgender washrooms were unearthed. This happened a week after Calgary-Mountain View UCP candidate Caylan Ford resigned for similar reasons. The UCP appointed Matt Jones to replace Kiryakos.


Boundaries: John Laurie Blvd NW, 16 St NW, Crowchild Tr NW, Shaganappi Tr NW

NDP: Anne McGrath

UCP: Jason Copping

Alberta Party: Beth Barbaree

Liberal: Ryan Campbell

Green Party: Cheryle Chagnon-Greyeyes

Independent: Christopher McAndrews

Calgary-Varsity first veered left in 2004, electing Liberal Harry Chase. It went back to the PCs after Chase’s retirement in 2012, before Stephanie McLean won it for the NDP in 2015. McLean served in the NDP cabinet, but resigned in early 2018, choosing not to run for re-election. McGrath is executive director of Notley’s southern Alberta office and former chief of staff to late federal NDP leader Jack Layton.


Boundaries: 12 Ave SW, Sarcee Tr SW

UCP: Mike Ellis

NDP: Gushtan Akter

Alberta Party: Frank Penkala

Liberal: Ben Midgely

Freedom Conservative Party: Rio Aiello

  • Ellis won this riding overwhelmingly in 2015 over NDP and Wildrose opponents.