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Calgary-South East UCP candidate Eva Kiryakos quits race due to social media comments

CALGARY — Another United Conservative Party candidate is pulling out of the Alberta election, saying someone outside the party is threatening to release her past social media comments about Muslim refugees and transgender washrooms in provincial schools.

Eva Kiryakos, who was running in Calgary-South East in the April 16 vote, announced her resignation in a Facebook statement and video released Sunday night.

Kiryakos says she’s been getting threats from someone who wants to release images of things she has said or commented on.

In one of the exchanges, Kiryakos said she retweeted an article about Germany’s alleged migrant rape crisis with a disturbing image on the front, but she said it was taken out of context.

The UCP has not commented on her resignation.

Last week, Calgary UCP candidate Caylan Ford stepped down after publication of a private 2017 Facebook conversation in which she allegedly spoke about the replacement of white people in their homelands and the collapse of western culture.