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TableTop YYC event drawing people together for in-person gaming, connections

TableTop YYC is continuing its efforts to rebuild the in-person, post-COVID gaming community in Calgary, and is getting a boost with its annual TableTop Day(s).

Tabletop Day is now a three-day event that offers attendees a diverse selection of board games to enjoy. The event also features celebrity guests and content creators from the gaming industry, along with opportunities for attendees to playtest upcoming games. In addition, the day includes a local comedy event and live games.

This event goes ahead Nov. 17, 18 and 19 at the BMO Centre.

“I want to collect games to try, and I hope to design a game someday. But I also want to share and introduce all these incredible games to people who may be unaware of them. There is a genuine desire to encourage kids to step away from video games and their devices and having more social interactions,” said Troy Wolfe, owner of TableTop YYC and is also the organizer of TableTop day

TableTop YYC is a local organization that hosts meet-ups, events, league play, discussions and competitions for Calgarians who are interested in meeting like-minded folks in the city’s board-gaming community.

Covid-19 setback for board gamers 

TableTop faced a significant setback in the wake of COVID-19, as the majority of their customers stopped shopping, pushing the company to the brink of survival during the pandemic.

​Tabletop hosted its first-ever convention coming out of COVID in April last year. That event was sold out. Tabletop has the largest board game library in all of Alberta. 

The event will have a variety of activities for people to participate in, so the event is just not board games. Wolfe said there something for everyone at this weekend’s event.

TableTop is making history by hosting Western Canada’s inaugural Disney Lorcana tournament. This new trading card game, released in August, is set to draw players to compete in the tournament for the very first time.