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Common Ground YYC S3E6: Jeromy Farkas

Jeromy Farkas has been one of the most polarizing figures in Calgary civic politics over the past decade. While many are critical of his actions while councillor for Calgary’s Ward 11, he held a devout following of people who subscribed to his penchant for political rhetoric.

After losing the 2021 Calgary mayoral election, Farkas went on a personal journey – literally and figuratively – and in doing so has raised hundreds of thousands for charity.

Still, many believe this is part of the Jeromy Farkas political long game – a rehabilitation of his image – for another eventual run at the mayor’s chair. They don’t buy that he’s a changed man.

LWC Editor Darren Krause sits down for a lengthy interview with Farkas to dissect the past, present and future for the former councillor, and listeners can decide if he’s really changed and what lies ahead.