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Calgary’s launches new #ExploreDowntownYYC initiative

The business association executive director in one of Calgary’s most popular retail strips is hoping that the City’s downtown exploration program gives a much-needed lift to the area.

The City of Calgary announced the launch of a new initiative, #ExploreDowntownYYC. This initiative is meant to encourage Calgarians and visitors to discover new places and businesses in the city’s downtown.

During this campaign, the city will be offering sample itineraries to any participants in order to help steer their journey. The community is encouraged to actively participate by sharing their favorite experiences and supporting local downtown businesses through the use of the hashtag #ExploreDowntownYYC.

Tulene Steiestol, executive director of the 17 Avenue Business Improvement Area (BIA), believes that this new initiative can help local businesses get more traction.

“I think this program is great. It’s almost acting as a neighborhood guide. Putting the names of a ton of different businesses in front of people helps the area grow,” she said.

“It’s amazing to see the recognition of these businesses going to a wider audience that follows the city on their platform.”

Steiestol also gave her compliments to the city for this initiative.

“All the downtown BIA’s are different. We all have different sizes, types of businesses that we represent, and different needs. It’s great to see the city put in the effort to support all these different areas, and help us achieve our goals,” she said.

“I hope that this support will continue. Downtown is the heart of any city on the map, and supporting all the diverse businesses is crucial to the city’s success.”

Supporting Local

The focal point of the campaign is downtown revitalization, as a thriving downtown can spell good news for the rest of the city. The Downtown Strategy Team, along with their partners, say they are committed to fostering a dynamic downtown community that transcends the traditional 9-to-5 business district and evolves into a lively city center that people can enjoy 24/7.

Thom Mahler, Director of Downtown Strategy with the City of Calgary, emphasized the significance of downtown in Calgary’s urban life.

“Downtown is where it all happens – it’s the pulse of our city and no matter what you’re looking for, you’ll find it here,” he said.

“Throughout this campaign, we’re excited to show Calgarians that downtown is a vibrant, diverse, and exciting destination with festivals, events, and activations happening year round.”

Brad Parry, President and CEO of Calgary Economic Development, believes that this campaign will help show what the city has to offer.

“Downtown vibrancy is critical for attracting companies, capital, and talent to Calgary,” he said.

“We know people come here for jobs and opportunities, but then stay for everything else the city has to offer. The #ExploreDowntownYYC campaign will highlight the many ways Calgarians and visitors can experience the city and build a meaningful life here.” 

For more information regarding the initiative, please visit the City of Calgary’s website