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Pancake serving world record smashed at 2023 Calgary Stampede

Today's Tim Hortons Family Day breakfast beat the old record by more than 2,900 pancakes.

While they don’t measure the pancake flipping world record by the weight of Corvettes, if they did it would be roughly one ‘Vettes worth.

The Calgary Stampede set a new Guinness World Record ™ for the most pancakes flipped and served in eight hours, during the Tim Hortons Family Day breakfast event Sunday.

In a 10-day extravaganza already known for its pancake breakfasts, the stack-topping feat seems apropos for the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth.

In just four hours, the Calgary Stampede beat the old world record by more than 2,900, locking in 17,182 served flapjacks at Sunday morning’s breakfast.  Brittany from the Guinness team flew in Saturday night and kept a close eye on the hotcake event.

Mark Erion, chair of the Stampede Park breakfast and events committee, said that with the 100th anniversary for chuckwagons and pancakes being cooked, they wanted to do something big.

“It kind of got thrown around by the committee and Stampede marketing – ‘Hey, why not try to go for a record,’” he said.

It was 50 bags of pancake batter that was ladled onto a searing griddle on Sunday, and to pull it off required 220 plus volunteers, Erion said. The weight of the batter is roughly that of a Corvette, Erion said.

“It was great to see all the people come out, and the attendance was fantastic and we’re very happy to serve and to entertain the people,” he said.

No word on if they were also measuring butter and syrup consumption for records…

  • Files from Aryn Toombs