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Calgary Police seize guns in targeted enforcement against manufacture of 3D-printed firearms

Seizure one of multiple carried out across Canada in crackdown on illegally manufactured firearms

The Calgary Police Service has seized multiple firearms after executing a series of search warrants related to the illegal manufacturing of firearms in the city and in Langdon, Alberta.

The CPS Firearms Investigative Team began an investigation into the manufacturing of 3D-printed firearms after EILTA Montreal (Équipe Intégrée de Lutte au Trafic d’Armes) alleged that several individuals who were based in Calgary were engaging in the illegal activity.

The CPS searches on June 20, were held in co-ordination with more than 20 police agencies across the nation as part of PROJECT REPRODUCTION, and resulted in the seizure of 440 firearms.

Within Calgary, five rifles, three airsoft rifles, multiple rounds and types of ammunition, seven 3D-printed firearm receivers, one fully 3D-printed firearm, and 1.3 kilograms of cocaine were seized by police.

“Since last year, 3D-printed firearms have become more prevalent in Calgary. Through targeted enforcement, we are constantly working to identify individuals involved in illegal firearms manufacturing and hold them accountable,” said Acting Staff Sergeant Ben Lawson of the CPS Firearms Investigative Unit.

“This investigation demonstrates the cross-jurisdictional nature of this type of crime and the success that a coordinated and concerted effort can have on public safety.”

Four residences on the 200 block of Falmwere Way NE, 0 to 100 block of Warwick Drive SW, 0 to 100 block in Covepark Terrace NE, and 700 block of Boulder Creed Drive in Langdon, Alberta were searched.

The Calgary Police Service said that charges are pending, and that the investigation is ongoing. They said that additional details would be released once charges have been laid.

“Our efforts to address gun violence rely on strong community support. If you have information that could help an investigation, such as witnessing suspicious behaviour or vehicles, please contact police. Even something small can have a great impact on an investigation,” said CPS.

A reproduction firearm seized by police on June 20, 2023. CALGARY POLICE SERVICE

Dozens of arrests across Canada, from B.C. to Nova Scotia

Nationally, 45 individuals have been arrested in relation to the manufacture of illicit firearms.

“Technology continues to change the face of crime as we know it, presenting new tools for criminals to exploit,” said Chief Superintendent Mathieu Bertrand, DG of Serious and Organized Crime and Border Integrity at RCMP Federal Policing.

“This nationwide operation demonstrates what law enforcement can achieve through collaboration, keeping pace with emerging criminal trends and ensuring the safety of our citizens.”

The RCMP said that privately manufactured firearms are illegal in Canada.

“[Privately manufactured firearms] are illegal, untraceable, and unsafe, posing risks to the general public and the user, given their poor manufacturing quality,” said Supt. Bertrand.

“This operation helps shed light on the growing market for 3D-printed gun parts, and demonstrates the ways Canadian police organizations are working together to fight this emerging trend.”