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‘This is our final goodbye’: Calgary’s Paddy’s Barbecue and Brewery set to close

After coming out of retirement to take over their sons business, Kerry and Jordan Sorrenti are ready to retire for a second time, along with their business Paddy’s Barbeque and Brewery.

Jordan has been in the food industry since he was 13 years old. He and his partner Kerry had a catering business where they always had barbeque options however Paddy’s Barbeque and Brewery is the first time they’ve specialized in barbeque.

Paddy’s Barbeque and Brewery was first opened nearly 6 years ago by their son, Paddy. Soon after, Kerry and Jordan took over the business and have operated a successful restaurant and brewery since. The brewery has been a staple for beer and barbecue fans since Calgary’s Barley Belt (the area east of Macleod Trail in the Manchester and Highfield light industrial areas) sprung up in 2018.

The business went on to win three silver medals for its beer and a gold medal for Best New Brewery of the Year in 2019. 

However, with the couple both turning 70 this summer, they thought it was time to retire, for their second time and “get out, [and] get going,” said Jordan. 

The restaurant’s last day is June 17 and is open from 11:30 a.m. until 5 p.m. 

Paddy’s is inviting visitors to come by on that day to purchase a beer and take home the cup it comes in as a souvenir. 

“I like cooking so I always cook up lots of snacks for people. So there’s lots of free food available to people coming in,” said Jordan.

Many items from the business, like tables, chairs, stools, decor, glassware and much more are for sale.

“You can also buy the chair you’re sitting in or the table you’re sitting at,” Jordan said.

Although the business owners had hoped to sell the establishment in order to continue serving their guests the food and beer they’ve grown fond of, the business hasn’t sold. That led to the decision to close their doors permanently. 

“This is our final goodbye,” said Jordan. 

Customer’s reaction to the closure 

Alana Cooper, operator of YYC Fit Foodie on Instagram and a frequent visitor of Paddy’s Barbeque and Brewery said she is “sad to lose them.”

After discovering Paddy’s with co-workers at a team bonding outing, Cooper continued returning to Paddy’s, bringing friends and family there. 

“It’s super chill and relaxed and … it’s nothing fancy but it’s a place you can go and hang out with your friends,” she said.

Cooper recalls trying a variety of different breweries within the city of Calgary with her co-workers until they eventually found Paddy’s and settled on it. 

Ever since, Paddy’s smoked meat and smoked chicken wings have become a favourite for Cooper. 

“I think it’s one of the better barbecue places we have and the fact that they have their own beer as well is awesome,” she said.

Losing it hurts, Cooper said.

“It’s like you’re losing a part of the city and it’s really sad.”