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Partnership struck between Calgary Chamber of Commerce and Startup TNT

A new Calgary partnership will continue to boost the profile of the local tech scene locally and abroad.

The Calgary Chamber of Commerce announced a strategic partnership with Startup TNT in order to support the growth and success of Calgary’s bustling tech sector.

Startup TNT is a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing the startup community together, through connections and investments in local entrepreneurs in Alberta, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan.

Zack Storms, co-Founder of Startup TNT, said they’re excited about making the connection with the Chamber.

“Community is the heart of Startup TNT. Our motto of Have fun. Make Friends. Build Companies. embodies the fact that we support and grow amazing tech companies where we live in a genuine and fun way,” he said.

“We’re excited about partnering with the Calgary Chamber, another organization committed to growing, supporting, and diversifying Calgary’s economy.”

This partnership is meant to continue building on momentum within Calgary’s tech sector and amplify the growing ecosystem of startups in Calgary.

The Chamber said that startups are “a critical component” to Alberta’s economy and that Calgary is leading the charge.

Deborah Yedlin, President and CEO of the Calgary Chamber of Commerce, spoke more about the partnership and its potential effect on the industry.

“Calgary has a vibrant and growing startup ecosystem, with plans to spend over $20 billion on digital transformation in Alberta through 2024, finding new and creative ways to optimize and solve the world’s most pressing problems,” she said.

“With competitive taxes, a highly educated workforce and ranked as the third most livable city in the world, Calgary is well-positioned to succeed into the future. We’re excited for this partnership, to amplify the great work being done across the city and to build the diversity of Calgary’s business community now and into the future.”

The Chamber and Startup TNT say they are looking forward to welcoming new members to our business community in the coming months.