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Jaipur Bridge connecting Eau Claire and Prince’s Island Park is now open

Jaipur Bridge, a primary connection between Eau Claire and Prince’s Island Park, is now open in time for a busy summer season.

Concern over the structural integrity of the bridge forced the city to close the 52-year-old crossing in 2019.

The old bridge had been inspected annually since 2012,  with two inspections in 2019. The last inspection carried out in December of 2019 showed accelerated deterioration from water and salt.

The new design includes increased flood resilience and a wider bridge deck that allows more comfortable space for users.

“The team has been mindful to consider how to minimize the impact on the environment through the design and during construction,” said Devon Moore, Jaipur Bridge Project Manager.

“The design showcases the natural surroundings by introducing more natural habitats for plants and animals to ensure the bridge is integrated with the environment.”

One example was a bee habitat included at the north end of the bridge to support the pollination and naturalization of the park space, Moore said.

Bridge history

The Jaipur Bridge was built in 1968 and it’s named after Calgary’s sister city, Jaipur.

Jaipur was chosen as a sister city to Calgary in 1973 because of common interests in industries, like engineering and manufacturing. Since then, a number of actions were undertaken to strengthen the relationship between the two cities.

The bridge is now a connection between the Indian city of Jaipur and Calgary, said Omkar Nath Channan, President of the Calgary-Jaipur Development Foundation.

“The City of Calgary and the Pink City of Jaipur in India are sister cities,” Channan said.

“We were honoured in 1994 to have Maharaj (Prince) Jai Singh come to Calgary, especially for the naming of the bridge Jaipur. I am certain that the bridge will carry on the respect honoured that day and serve well the needs of those who travel across the bridge – it holds the very important role of proving a connection in the heart of downtown Calgary.”

Jaipur Bridge is just one portion of a bigger project: City

From left to right: Dennis Hoffart, Eau Claire Area Improvements Program Lead, Omkar Nath Channan, President of the Calgary-Jaipur Development Foundation, and Devon Moore, Jaipur Bridge Project Manager. HAJAR AL KHOUZAII / FOR LIVEWIRE CALGARY

The bridge is one portion of an entire project in the Eau Claire area, anticipated to be ready in the Fall of 2023.

Connections within the Eau Claire Plaza and Eau Claire Promenade were established ahead of schedule to align with the opening of Jaipur Bridge. It ensured Calgarians can maintain access to Prince’s Island as the Downtown Flood Barrier construction team closed the bridge at 2 Street SW on June 6 to complete work on the flood barrier.

The city said the area is still under construction. Still, they wanted to ensure people knew the pathway and the connections were open.

Investing in the Eau Claire area is an enhancement the city is looking forward to as it will increase the amount of participation by locals and tourists, making Calgary a “lively cultural destination.”

“The opening of Jaipur Bridge is a major milestone for the Eau Claire Area Improvements program,” said Dennis Hoffart, Eau Claire Area Improvements Program lead.

“We’re working towards building more resilient and vibrant communities that support future growth and development for the people who live, work, visit and travel the area.”