Ward Zero – S2E7: Payouts, convoys, DT activity and the Calgary surplus

Have you ever put together a kids baseball lineup when you have 12 players on the team? That's DK's hot take!

We're back with season 2 of the Ward Zero podcast - now geared towards discussion on Calgary civic issues.

In the latest Ward Zero episode, Esmahan Razavi, Jeremy Zhao and LiveWire Calgary editor, Darren Krause look at a handful of recent city issues.

The trio talks about the severance payout to former Mayor Gondek Chief of Staff Stephen Carter and whether this should be a problem for taxpayers.

They also talk about the return of the so-called Freedom convoys in Calgary and what underlying problem lingers with their resurgence.

The city needs to get better at Downtown Calgary activities, according to the trio – they have to get out of their own way to make some of this stuff happen.

And, what to do with the $105 million City of Calgary surplus. Back to taxpayers? Not so fast, the team says.

(BTW – the Athletics DID win their first game 10-1.)

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