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The Hall: What’s happening at Calgary city hall this week – April 4 to 8

After last week’s two-day session of the combined meeting of council, and then a lengthier than normal planning meeting, Calgary city hall cools down this week.

On tap this week are three primary meetings: Event Centre Committee, the Intergovernmental Affairs committee and Calgary Planning Commission.

We’ll focus on the prior as the other two don’t appear to have anything major coming up on them.

Event Centre Committee

This will be the inaugural meeting of the resurrected Event Centre Committee.

The committee was struck after the prior deal between the Calgary Sports and Entertainment Corporation (CSEC) and the city fell through last minute.

On March 8, city council endorsed the re-creation of the Event Centre committee to move forward on a potential new arena.

While the meeting this week is procedural in nature, there is a legal briefing provided in closed session. They will rise and report coming out of that meeting today.

They will also elect a chair, vice chair and confirm future meeting dates.

The committee’s terms of reference direct it to work with their third party regarding the development of an Event Centre within a larger culture and entertainment district.

They are also to leverage prior work already undertaken by the previous Event Centre Assessment Committee.

Intergovernmental Affairs, Calgary Planning commission

In this week’s IGA meeting, there are updates on the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, and the March meeting of the Calgary Metropolitan Region Board.

There is also a confidential item on the CMRB regional growth plan.

In the Calgary Planning Commission, there are a handful of land use amendments on the consent agenda, and three land use amendments up for discussion.