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Calgary gets $3.4 million in fed cash to upgrade public spaces

Thirteen Calgary park and rec spaces will benefit from a cash infusion from the federal government.

The money was announced Wednesday by the federal Minister Daniel Vandal, MP George Chahal and Calgary Mayor Jyoti Gondek. It comes through the Canada Community Revitalization Fund.

The government said that they wanted to invest in modern spaces that bring people together.

“Our public spaces are where we come together as a community – something we need now more than ever as we recover from the pandemic,” Vandal said in a prepared news release.

The thirteen projects are listed below.

Addresses gaps in Calgary communities: Mayor Gondek

Mayor Gondek said she was happy to see the diversity of projects funded by the federal government.

“This investment begins to address the gaps within our communities,” she said.

“The pandemic highlighted the need to meet people where they are at, providing the important social and physical infrastructure that is critical to building complete communities.”

Former Ward 5 councillor and now MP for Calgary Skyview, George Chahal, said when Calgary thrives, Alberta thrives.

“I’m proud that our government is investing in community-led projects that lay the groundwork for a strong recovery while creating lasting amenities for generations to come,” Chahal said.

Telus Spark will get $637,500 to expand their outdoor park and introduce Indigenous programming, along with science-based play areas.

“An affinity for science has never been more important than it is now, and that means opening up the definition of science to include multiple ways of knowing,” said Mary Anne Moser, President and CEO, Telus Spark Science Centre.

“Spark is excited to open up that definition with community partners so that many more people see themselves in Calgary’s one and only science centre.”