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Data lens: Campaign financing for 2021 Calgary ward elections

LiveWire Calgary continues the deep dive into the 2021 municipal election finances with a look at the funds raised—and expended—by the campaigns.

Included in the data lens data set are the campaigns that filed their campaign disclosure forms by March 1. These charts will be updated if any candidates file before the March 11 penalty date.

The chart below shows the relationship between individual campaigns ability to fundraise, the number of donors they were able to get donations from (over $50), and the percentage of the vote they won in their ward race.

The campaign fundraising totals below include the campaign period only. No pre-campaign contributions, which for some candidates go back to 2018, have been included.

Ward campaign fundraising

Bubbles are sized by the total amount of fundraising by a candidate’s campaign.

Use your mouse to rotate the chart. The left mouse button or scroll wheel to zoom. Use your right mouse button to move the chart in any direction. Double click on the ward in the chart legend to show only those candidates. You can view this chart full screen here.

Ward 1

Ward 2

Ward 3

Ward 4

Ward 5

Ward 6

Ward 7

Ward 8

Ward 9

Ward 10

Ward 11

Ward 12

Ward 13

Ward 14