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The City of Calgary expands resilient roofing rebate program

The City of Calgary expanded its hail-resistant roofing rebate program to all city homeowners, starting today.

Eligible homeowners who install, or have installed, qualifying impact-resistant roofing can apply to receive $3,000 from the city.

“The continued investment into the Resilient Roofing Rebate Program allows eligible homeowners to invest in resilient building materials, lessening the impacts of damage after severe weather events and ultimately saving homeowners from having to replace their roofing after a hail or wind storm hits Calgary,” said Kris Dietrich, customer solutions coordinator for the City of Calgary.

Homeowners that replaced their roof with Class 4 products after June 1, 2021, could qualify for the rebate. Others planning to replace their roof before May 31, 2022 could also qualify.

The hail rebate program was in jeopardy during recent Calgary budget deliberations. Ward 10 Coun. Andre Chabot wanted to cancel the resilient roofing program for 2022. Instead, it was approved by a 9-6 vote.

Eligibility requirements

The rebate program expands the eligibility to all homeowners of single-family, single-detached, and duplex homes. Previously the program focused on those homeowners who had damage from the June 2020 hail storm.

The rebate program requires all homeowners to also be in good standing on their property taxes.

Roofs also have to be installed by a member of the Alberta Allied Roofing Association, the Alberta Roofing Contractors Association or have an inspection report from an AARA or ARCA inspector.

The installed roofing must also meet Underwriters Laboratories UL2218 impact rating, or Factory Mutual Approvals FM4473 rating.

For the Underwriters Laboratories rating, a 2-inch steel ball is dropped from 20 feet several times onto the same location on a shingle. If there is no tearing or breakage, then it meets the Class 4 qualification. According to roofing manufacturer Owens Corning, this test will crack a 4-inch concrete paver in half.

Calgarians can apply online

The program will end on May 31, 2022, or when funding for the program runs out.

City council allocated more than $2 million to the program. As of Dec. 15, 513 rebates had been awarded.

Calgarians looking to apply for the rebate can do so online, on the city’s hail website. Application forms are also available in multiple languages.