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CBE concerned with planned fall 2022 rollout of new Alberta K-6 curriculum

The Calgary Board of Education (CBE) trustees drafted a three-page letter to Alberta’s Minister of Education outlining specific concerns with the revised K-6 curriculum.

The letter stated that they have concerns about the proposed September 2022 rollout. It also included their 18-page Curriculum Overview Report, which dives into specific topic areas they believe needed work.  

Earlier this week, Alberta Education Minister Adriana LaGrange delayed the implementation of the controversial new curriculum. They revisited some areas – English Language Arts, Math and Phys-Ed – and will continue to gather feedback on them in early 2022. It’s expected those subjects will be delivered to students next fall.

Other subjects, such as social studies, required further work, the province said.

The CBE letter said there are still pandemic learning disruptions.

“Students have not experienced a ‘normal’ school year for the past three years,” it read.

They’re also concerned about a lack of time for proper engagement. Though the subject drafts will be available in the spring, the CBE is worried that’s not enough time for parents and other stakeholders to properly vet the content.

The CBE trustees also said it’s contingent on having enough funding to ensure a successful rollout.

In a statement sent via email to LiveWire Calgary, CBE board chair Laura Hack said they met with the Minister of Education this week.

“We had a good conversation and have documented our thoughts on curriculum formally in the letter you’ve referenced,” Hack’s response read.

“A strong curriculum is a focus for this Board, and when we reconvene in the new year, we look forward to continuing this conversation.”

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