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Joe Magliocca still mum on Calgary council expense situation: ‘you’ll find out in due time’

Coun. Joe Magliocca said that the truth surrounding his expenses will come out.

The big question is… when?

Magliocca announced his re-election bid in Ward 2 for Calgary’s municipal election last week. It ended months of speculation on whether he would run again.  Magliocca was embroiled in an expenses scandal involving thousands of dollars first revealed by the Calgary Herald. He hasn’t spoken to media about it since.  He has paid the money back, but lost deputy mayor duties and spending privileges.

In his interview Friday with LiveWire Calgary, Magliocca said the truth on his expenses would come out.

Magliocca attended Monday’s final combined meeting of council. Members attended for a final farewell and group photo.

When asked what would come out regarding his expenses, Magliocca said his lawyers are dealing with the situation.

But, when will it come out?

“I have no idea. When my lawyers get it out there,” Magliocca said.

Magliocca said he hasn’t heard anything on the RMCP investigation. For now, it’s business as usual.

“Still continuing to do my job and working hard at Ward 2,” he said.

Magliocca said he apologized to council but admitted didn’t do the prescribed written apology that council had sanctioned.

When asked why, Magliocca responded: “I’ve been told not to.”

Voters and the media

Magliocca said he hasn’t responded to media requests over the past several months because there hasn’t been much to share.

“It’s in the RCMP’s hands. How can I explain anything on it when it’s in their hands,” he said.

Magliocca was asked how he would explain to voters during the campaign what happened with the expenses.

He said he’d be telling voters what happened. In due time.

“Whenever the report comes out from the RCMP, I’ll be telling them,” he said.

Mayor Naheed Nenshi alluded to the role of the provincial government in the Magliocca situation, particularly regarding the misinformation around it.

He said the province said that it was up to the city to make a decision on Magliocca’s future.

“Which is blatantly wrong. Council did the sanctions that we were able to do and I would have thought that the former press secretary to the minister would have known that the next step and the real sanction of removing someone from council is only in the minister’s hand,” he said.

When asked if he was surprised to see Magliocca run again in Ward 2, the mayor was candid.

“I suppose everyone has their own definition of courage. I thought it was pretty brave to run on the record that he brings into the election,” the mayor said.