Federal election Calgary: Candidates list for 2021 vote

We've compiled a handy list for you to use!


We have a federal election coming up Sept. 20. That means you’ll need to study extra hard this fall before you choose your next representative in Ottawa.

Why? Because there’s a municipal election 30 days later on Oct. 18.

We’ve put together this handy list of candidates for the federal election below. We’ve linked to their respective sites where possible.

If you’re looking for municipal candidates, we have those listed, too. AND, we have profiles on many of them already.

Federal candidates (UPDATED AS OF SEPT 2.)

Calgary Centre

Calgary Confederation

Calgary Forest Lawn

Calgary Heritage

Calgary Midnapore

Calgary Nose Hill

Calgary Rocky Ridge

Calgary Shepard

Calgary Signal Hill

Calgary Skyview


  1. The Liberal Party candidate in Signal Hill appears to have no social media & no bio info, including on “his” website. And we have no NDP candidate, as is the case with several Calgary ridings.
    This effectively disenfranchises us!
    I get concentrating resources where they might matter, but I wonder if this is the case with other Liberal candidates (and/or some listed NDP candidates)?
    Are the Liberals afraid their yyc candidates might be harassed or otherwise targeted?

    • Have you looked at the PPC candidate in your riding. Maybe the policies go with your values?

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