Calgary Election 2021: Candidate list – Mayor, Wards 1-14

Calgary municipal building. LIVEWIRE CALGARY FILE PHOTO

Calgary will be going to the polls in 2021 and we’re going to be on top of the action!

Thanks to some ongoing work by Calgarian Jeremy Zhao (mayoral candidate as a teen in 2007) we’re able to provide an ongoing updated list of whose running and who’s not in Calgary’s ward races and the run for the mayor’s seat.


If you know of anyone who has filed their nomination papers and is not on this list, let us know. E-mail

We’re also going to round up interviews with as many of these candidates as we can so everyone gets their share of media spotlight over the coming 10 months.

We will be highlighting candidate names where there are stories already done for LiveWire Calgary.

(Note: The list compiled by Zhao also includes Edmonton candidates.)

We’ll be continuing to fill out our Calgary 2021 election pages as the weeks and months go by. But, you can always come back to our Election 2021 tab to stay on top of the latest information.


  1. I’ve referred back to this embedded list a few times and find it incredibly helpful, but a bit hard to use. Would you consider making the list contents a page (article) of its own and adding to the election menu so myself and others don’t need to hunt for this article?

    • Hi Tara – that’s a great idea. Of course I can do that! Thanks so much for taking the time to reach out with the suggestion. – Darren

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