Ward Zero – Episode 4: Damery, Davison join the mayor’s race, voter lists, disclosures and Wards 5 and 6

Lots on the go in Episode 4 of the Ward Zero podcast

We're back with season 2 of the Ward Zero podcast - now geared towards discussion on Calgary civic issues.

In this episode of the Ward Zero podcast, we almost spent as much time beforehand talking about what we had to include / exclude in this latest episode. We think we’ve found a sweet spot.

Esmahan Razavi, Jeremy Zhao and LiveWire Calgary editor Darren Krause hit a range of topics in this episode. Along with covering the newest mayoral candidates, they look at the following:

  • Voter lists (the latest news on that can be found here)
  • Campaign disclosures – including Esmahan’s take on why it might not be a good thing
  • Green Line and the impact it could still have on the election
  • The political decision on the Guidebook
  • Wards 5 and 6… and more!

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