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UPDATE: Calgary mayoral candidate arrested in violation of restraining order

UPDATE TO THIS STORY: Calgary police confirmed Saturday evening they had arrested Kevin J. Johnston for violating the orders served to him by Court of Queen’s Bench.

According to police he was arrested attending a public gathering. Police said it was a gathering held on Saturday morning (May 15.)

According to police, Johnston’s attendance at the illegal event that was against public health orders was in contravention of his order.

Alberta Health Services (AHS) has secured a restraining order against a Calgary mayoral candidate that has publicly threatened health workers.

In a statement, AHS said Court of Queen’s Bench granted an interim injunction order against Kevin J. Johnston. The order prevents Johnston from obstructing or interfering with AHS or its officers and employees in their enforcement of the Public Health Act.

“Mr. Johnston has engaged in persistent threatening conduct and communication in the media and on social media over the past number of weeks,” the statement read.

“He has engaged in aggressive and threatening behaviour towards specific individuals employed by AHS as well as the general AHS workforce. AHS took this legal step to protect our staff and to ensure they are supported and cared for.”

The order also prevents Johnston from threatening or urging others to do so. He cannot contact, record or photograph any AHS employees, visit AHS sites (unless medical treatment is needed) or attend the homes of employees.

He cannot be within 100 metres of any AHS public health officer or dox them (provide details on their personal information).

Earlier this week, the CBC’s Meghan Grant published a piece showing that this person would potentially be granted access to a voters list. He is currently listed as a candidate for Calgary mayor.

Elections Calgary did clarify afterwards that a voters list is only prepared by a motion from Calgary city council.

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