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Calgary scavenger hunt gets people exploring green spaces

As COVID-19 restrictions have tightened once again, Calgarians are scrambling to find new ways to engage with each other throughout the lockdown.

Fortunately, Parks Foundation Calgary and PlayCity are teaming up to help provide the sort of engagement needed right now. It’s in the form of a 10-week long city-wide scavenger hunt.

The scavenger hunt, which started on May 8, is set to release new clues every Saturday hinting at the locations of postcards which are the objects of attention for this hunt.

Postcards will be hidden bi-weekly in various Calgary green spaces. These are meant to invoke memories of travel, inspiring people to find places they otherwise might not ever see.

Sheila Taylor, CEO of Parks Foundation Calgary, said the goal is to get people thinking about the spaces they occupy. To have them interacting with them in ways they might not consider.

“It’s really all about inspiring people to go to places they would normally not visit. We’re trying to create that sense of fun, excitement, and playfulness you get when sharing places you’ve been to,” Taylor said.

Appreciating less used green spaces

This is an opportunity for Calgarians to engage with each other safely and enjoy their time outdoors. It is also an event designed to get people into green spaces that are often overlooked, as explained by Hafiz Mitha, CEO of PlayCity.

“This partnership allows our app users to enjoy local parks they may have never known existed while connecting with one another in a safe, outdoor environment,” Mitha said in a prepared media release.

Taylor said the smaller parks that most people might not know about creates a feeling of discovery for scavenger hunters.

“Within the Parks Foundation, I’m hearing from people who have never taken the time to explore Calgary. The last year has inspired them to change that. Everyone participating will see some new pathways, some small parks, and areas they wouldn’t have known about without this initiative,” Taylor said.

The scavenger hunt acts as a fun getaway for people who want to take their minds off COVID troubles. It’s also a process of exploring these overlooked parks. Making people think about these places and how they are enjoyed.

To play, you download the Play City app from their website.