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Mistaken identity: Dinner mis-drops documented on Calgary Instagram page

Everyone loves free food. But what about food that was left on your doorstep that you didn’t order?

That’s what has been happening to Calgarian Mecoh Bain and her family over the past few months. She’s documented the misdirected munchies on her Instagram account.

“It’s hilarious. I think people think that I am making it up,” said Bain.

Since December, Bain and her husband have found pizza, sushi – even ice cream – and all sorts of dishes in between.

And yes, she said on occasion they eat the food. There’s no point in it going to waste.

“We were half expecting people to show up on our doorstep looking for it,” said Bain.

“But it is COVID, so who would want it (once it left the hands of the driver).”

More dinner on the doorstep. CONTRIBUTED

Sometimes they’d find the deliveries on their doorstep the next morning. Over the winter, some of the meals were frozen.

Bain said the most meals mistakenly delivered has been three orders in a day.

It took a little bit of detective work, but Bain and her husband discovered the reason behind all the mystery deliveries.

It came down to the fact that their address is similar to a recently-built condo building in their northwest community.

Driver has gone by the time they reach the door

Bain said there have been some instances where they were able to catch the drivers delivering the food.  They were able to turn them away. Since most food delivery companies have been offering contactless drop offs, many of the times the driver is gone by the time they make it to the door.

“I just envision them throwing it up to the doorstep from the bottom of the stairs,” Bain joked.


Bain said it’s not just random food deliveries that they receive. They get all sorts of packages from Amazon and Canada Post as well. Those are easier to return to the respective depots.

“The ironic part is when we actually order our own food, they can’t find our house,” said Bain.

SkipTheDishes was one of the many companies Bain’s receives random orders from – but they declined to comment on what customers should do in case they receive an order by mistake.

Nothing clearly appears on the SkipTheDishes website about what to do if your food is not delivered to you or if you received a random unordered delivery.

They do have customer service contact available.