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Davison to run in Ward 6; Woolley to exit Calgary politics

Topline information:

Two sitting councillors make their 2021 municipal election intentions known.

Evan Woolley will not run in Ward 8 and Jeff Davison, currently councillor for Ward 6, announced his re-election bid.

What you need to know:

  • Ward 8 will have a new councillor. Woolley served two terms in office.
  • Woolley said the death of his brother and mom gave him a moment for pause and he’s decided to spend time with his young family.
  • Davison was first elected in 2017
  • Davison was widely rumoured to be running for the mayor’s seat


“As a Councillor, I’ve always tried to be a leader who brings people together, finds common ground, and works for the good of all Calgarians to get things done. I’m running again to build on those successes,” said Jeff Davison.

“I have made the decision that I will not be running in the municipal election this fall. I’m obviously incredibly grateful for the opportunity that my constituents have given me to represent them at City Hall. It’s been just an honour and a privilege and just the experience in my life.” – Evan Woolley to the CBC Eyeopener.

“Each one of us are afforded only one life. And I want to live mine to its fullest.”

More information

Jeff Davison’s full statement can be found here

Evan Woolley’s statement below.