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Glenbow Museum forced into permanent layoffs by prolonged COVID-19 closure

The Glenbow Museum, still crippled by damage from COVID-19, announced the permanent layoff of 27 staff.

Staff were temporarily laid off in March, but continued to receive benefits and emergency support, the Glenbow said Thursday.

In April they offered a voluntary retirement package and in May a voluntary resignation package.

“It is disheartening,” said Nicholas Bell, Glenbow’s President and CEO, in a prepared release.

“Many of these colleagues are long-term employees at Glenbow, and the loss of their skills and institutional knowledge is a tremendous blow.”

Currently, the Glenbow museum has been able to recall 15 staff members from temporary layoff.

Permanently laid-off staff will receive severance packages based on tenure.

The museum is closed to the public, but they do have plans to re-open this summer. Plans to revitalize Glenbow’s building also remains on track.

“We are navigating a significant challenge,” said Bell.

“As we reopen Glenbow to the public this summer, we are adapting our operations in a manner that must position us for sustainability and future growth. Glenbow is undertaking a major restructuring to facilitate how the museum will operate going forward.”