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GoldHunt preparing new hunts for Calgary and Edmonton

GoldHunt fans can look forward to a fresh start this summer.

Last week, only two days after launch, GoldHunt had to suspend activities in both cities due to a violation of section three of their terms and conditions. Due to the breach, the company is planning new hunts for both cities.

Maps and clue purchases already purchased can be transferred and will be honoured at the next hunt.

“We saw the urge and desire for another hunt this year. We want to let you know we hear you, and we’re going to do that,” said Jesse Lipscombe, member of GoldHunt.

As well, the company will turn the initial hunt back on so people can finish what they started. They will be making riddles accessible soon.

Due to legal reasons, they are unable to discuss their situation at length.

“We are doing our very best to be transparent. We are not really at liberty to discuss details about these things,” said Chris Cromwell, co-founder.

They clarified that the RCMP is not involved with the violation. Police are involved on the DDoS attack they experienced on their website last week.

They have filed a police report to the Edmonton Police and it will not escalate to the RCMP unless necessary.

In addition to the new hunts, they are creating a Facebook page that everyone can join to offer their suggestions and criticisms of their operations in order to improve how they run the hunt.

“It’s the only way it can be the people’s hunt like it’s supposed to,” said Lipscombe.

Details of the new hunt haven’t been specified as of yet, but the company will continue to be transparent.

“I can say, from the bottom of my pirate heart, that everything that we do is to make your experience better,” said Cromwell.