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GoldHunt stops treasure hunt due to suspicious activity

The GoldHunt is suspended for the time being due to evidence of compromised activity.

GoldHunt does a treasure hunt in Calgary and Edmonton, hiding $50,000 worth of gold and silver coins in each city. They charge $25 to $35 to participants for a map to use for hunting.

Participants must use clues to find the treasure’s location in a respective city.

Just two days after this year’s GoldHunt launched, they were forced to halt the treasure hunt in both Calgary and Edmonton. This is due to fraudulent actions that occurred from a breach of the hunt’s terms and conditions.

No treasure will be awarded until GoldHunt’s legal team come to a resolution. Those who have arrived at a location with treasure in an honest manner will receive their award.

Participant’s payment information is secure as they process it with a third-party service to collect the data.

GoldHunt will be transparent and have daily updates as the investigation continues.

“Your patience and understanding is needed as we navigate these unprecedented events. A fair and honest hunt is what you were promised and it is what we will deliver,” said GoldHunt in a post on social media.

For the past few days, they have only provided minimal information due to legal restrictions since a police investigation is underway. Specific information has yet to be released.

When contacted Friday, Alberta RCMP said they had no information on the suspected breach.

GoldHunt will provide an update later today with new information regarding the case.