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Calgary orgs team up to connect citizens and local business

There’s a real push to shop local and it has two local organizations coming together to create monthly, subscription-based gift packs to support local businesses struggling from COVID-19.

Reworks Upcycle shop and Calgary Dollars have partnered to create monthly Neighbourhood Boxes.

The box makeup is still in progress but the idea is to create a limited number of monthly themed boxes for Calgarians to buy. The items inside each box come from local businesses struggling with COVID-19 restrictions.

Additionally, the boxes come with Calgary Dollars, a local currency redeemable at other Calgary-owned businesses.

Solita Work, the owner of Reworks, and organizer of the Neighbourhood Boxes, hopes that these boxes will help support local businesses and insulate Calgarians from economic fluctuations.

“I was hoping with the boxes that we could keep more dollars local because there seems to be an appetite right now among Calgary to support local,” she said.

“A lot of people don’t know where to find the (local) businesses and what’s available, so I thought we could kill all those birds with one stone.”

How it will all work

The two themed boxes – the party box and the staycation box, will be available to the public this month through the online store.

Party Box will include a curbside live performance by a local musician and all the necessary items needed to host a great party such as beer or cider, pizza, snacks, and party favors.

The Staycation Box includes a lunch bag, local snacks, birding books, trail maps, and outdoor skincare, or other personal travel accessories.

When you purchase a box, it comes with Calgary Dollars. This local currency can be used in participating Calgary businesses found in their marketplace.

Sierra Love of Calgary Dollars said the whole idea for this alternative currency was to create community resiliency and economic stability.

Love hopes that through these Neighbourhood Boxes, Calgarians would be exposed to more local artists and businesses.

“I think that people don’t realize how many cool local businesses there are. It’s a cool way to know one or two more local businesses,” she said.

“When you buy the box, you’ll be introduced to a whole group of local businesses, and depending on the package, some of them include musical talent. I just think it’s really exciting.”

For more information and to find out how to participate in a subscription box please contact: Solita Work at 403-263-4366 or Sierra Love at 403-270-3200.