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Find my owner: Calgary campaign to reunite stuffed toy with its owner

This little bunny got lost, and those at Calgary eatery Seasons of Bowness park are trying to help him get found.

Owner-operator Anna Ennis and her employees have begun a social media campaign in hopes of finding the child who lost him.

About a week ago the colorful stuffed bunny was turned into Ennis’ business. She put him on display in the windows, thinking his family would come looking for him.

When that didn’t work, Ennis turned to social media.

“On our [Facebook] posts, we’re trying to create a personality for the bunny,” she said.

The bunny has been shown hanging around the shop, eating cupcakes, making espresso drinks, and even wearing PPE.

Ennis is hoping to make happy story out of something so sad.

It’s hard to lose a treasured toy

Ennis said she knows how difficult it can be when kids lose a stuffed toy. Her son lost a stuffed animal when he was younger.

“It was devastating for him, and it actually was devastating for the family too,” she said

“There was nothing I could say to him that would make him feel better”

The stuffed animal went them on holidays and appeared in many family photos.

Ennis and her son never did find his lost stuffed animal, but Ennis is optimistic that this bunny will find its home.

It helps that the Facebook posts are spreading like wildfire.

The first post on May 17 has been shared almost 2,000 times, and the others are gaining some traction.

“I feel that the people that are following [the story] are really invested in it,” Ennis said

“It’s awesome.”

The public will be able to name the bunny in today’s post. She’s confident that her efforts will help, and is eagerly awaiting the reunion.

Like the beginning of his journey, the bunny’s return will be posted on Facebook.

 “When the owner comes forward, they’ll see that the bunny actually had fun,” Ennis said.

To keep up with the bunny and his story, follow Seasons of Bowness Park on Facebook. A share may help him find his way home.